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    Sophie Marie – 23 year old international tattooed model from Wiltshire

    fun, down to earth, and creative

    23-year-old international tattooed model from Wiltshire, currently live in Calne. I’ve been modeling since I was 14 doing various competitions in London and then became a full-time model in 2018.

    I would describe myself as fun, down-to-earth, and creative so I’m always thinking ahead for shoots. I’m open to ideas, can create my own, and also adapt to different styles of modeling. Positivity and hard work is the key to success / to progression. I like to have this mindset in everything I do and I believe kindness & a good attitude can go a long way.

    – I am naturally brunette although i do dye my hair a darker brown. I am tattooed over mainly my right side of my body plus two small tattoos on my wrists. My nose is pierced as well as my ears.

    The only thing enhanced on my body is my breasts so i would now call myself an hourglass shape with my curvy hips/bum.


    Sunset at the Models House in London

    Models House

    Models House Studio is one of the newest studio locations in London offering a unique spot for photography and videography projects.

    The Studio offers a variety of backdrops and setups unlike traditional small studios confined in a small space with a few backdrops.

    Models House is located in an exclusive landmark close to Epping Forest and Chingford golf courses.

    The property is stretched in a well kept garden where outdoor shooting is possible.

    A water fountain, arches, trees and colourful bushes are only a few props that make this studio garden shoots an amazing experience.

    Production companies and film studios can find haven at this location as it offers a modern and elegant atmosphere for any themed film production.

    You can find out more about this studio by visiting to organize a shoot or your next filming location.

    The following shots of Sophie Marie were taken at the Models House.


    • Gilded magazine
    • ‘Your London Wedding’ magazine front cover in WHSmith & Tesco stores
    • GEI INK magazine In the US
    • Hunnies magazine in the US
    • Front and nuts magazine
    • ModelModele Europe Magazine
    • Twisted edge magazine
    • Purple Candy magazine
    • Musashi magazine
    • Xpressions Magazine
    • Sour magazine
    • UltraViolet magazine
    • the epitome magazine

    This is my full-time job

    I do the odd TF depending on the type of shoot and if it’ll benefit me as well as you. No nudes for TF though. Please message me to ask any questions or if you have any queries about anything.

    I am happy to travel or work locally as I can drive to shoots. Although I charge for travel depending on how far the shoot is located.

    Instagram – @soph_marie_model 

    Check out my Promo Video below!

    Bridal Themed Videoshoot published


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