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    Garraway : The 22 Year Old Bombshell from Leeds

    Body positivity, self-love, and creativity

    Body positivity, self-love, and creativity are all things that Sarah aims to push with her modelling.

    Sarah is currently at Leeds University studying journalism and hopes to make some waves in the future with her opinionated articles and documentaries. However for now she is content making waves in the modelling community

    I like to embrace my figure and show my audience that beauty does not begin and end with the number on the scales.

    Models House Studio featuring Gallaway.
    Blue Lingerie and Street Light

    Tattooed body

    With her ‘real woman’ body figure and tattooed body Sarah might be considered not the average model. However, she aims to bring more diversity to modelling and show that you don’t need to be one specific body type to make a name for yourself as a model.

    Fashion Look with Sun Hat

    Sarah recently set foot into the modelling world to try her hand at the business and make some extra cash. She didn’t realise how quickly she would become hooked with the industry, the travel, meeting new people and not to mention the beautiful pictures all drew Sarah in further to the industry and cemented it as something she wanted to make a career out of.

    Stay fit with biking

    I Love Modelling

    However, Sarah noticed that there was something about the industry that she wanted to change, “I love modelling and I think it’s great that all these beautiful women and men are using their assets in a way that can support them as well as doing something creative that they enjoy. However, I would love for there to be more ‘real women’ in the industry. Models who represent the body types of the average person out there. against nature had we decided not to make a stop and enjoy the beauty it has to offer?

    I mean what better way to sell your clothes than to have models that represent the audience you are aiming the products at. I think when women see a model who represents their own body type better and more often it will bring up their own self-confidence as well as sell said clothes more efficiently to their target market. I know I’m not the skinniest model, but I like to embrace my figure and show my audience that beauty does not begin and end with the number on the scales.”

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